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艇  種:バンドフェット
デザイン:ジャン マリー フィノ
エンジン:YANMAR2GM20 16PS
進  水:1987年
全  長:30ft/8.94m
全  幅:10ft/3.09m
設  備:キャビン、キッチン、トイレ、etc.

Brand: Vent de fête
Design: Jean-Marie Finot
Manufacturer: New Japan Ltd.
Engine: YANMAR 2GM20 16PS
Year: 1987
Length: 30ft/8.94m
Beam: 10ft/3.09m
Equipment: cabins, kitchen, toilet, etc.

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Plan Of Sailing

Plan Of Sailing


You can enjoy sailing with our dedicated staff. The yacht is equipped with a cabin, bedroom, kitchen, and toilet for a comfortable sailing experience. For example, Plan A is a half-day or day trip plan. Plan B is a one-way plan. Plan B is a one-way plan, sailing only one way from Awaji Island to Himeji or other destinations. Plan C is a plan to sail from one island to another in the Seto Inland Sea. Plan D is a plan to sail around Awaji Island and other islands. We can arrange any plans for your request from a half-day course to several days of the islands hopping of the Setonaikai. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Fee Of Sailing


The table on the right is an example of experience costs. The cost will vary depending on the time on board, the number of people and the number of hours or days. In addition, costs will vary depending on whether you stay overnight on the yacht or at an inn on land, meals, etc.



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